Canning Reserve is one of the best picnic spots I have seen by far. It has a playground for the kids, electric BBQs and some jetties if you wish to fish. With its manicured lawns, the place has plenty of space for kids to run around. Safe to say it has a lot to offer for a park this size.

Everything You Need

I would describe Canning Reserve as a picnic area where you can fish, bike and hike – pretty much everything you need in one place.

The sealed path and jetties make it a perfect biking and fishing spot for kids. Especially the fishing part, kids love casting and reeling those lines but they don’t really have much patience for it. At some point they will get bored. This is where the picnic and play area come in handy. They are free to leave you in peace while you patiently wait for a bite. Everybody happy!

Having said, this is not for hardcore anglers. This fishing spot is more suited for families who are just basking in the sun, getting some exercise or just trying to pass the time outdoors. If you’re planning on having a quick weekend activity with your family, give Canning Reserve a visit – you can’t go wrong.

Below are some photos we’ve taken at Canning Reserve:

Have fun!