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My name is Charles.

I’m your regular 9-5 guy.

I created this site out of boredom.

Well, not really. Truth is, I’m an insomniac. So, instead of tossing and turning on bed staring at nothing, I decided to do something extraordinary, something new, something so unique – blogging (if it isn’t obvious, it’s a joke).

As a self-proclaimed jack of all trades, zeroing on a specific niche was the biggest challenge. That said, I decided be just me – broad and random.

This site will cover all the things that I love, except work. Pay attention now, I just said I love my work. I truly do, as we all should (hashtag-feeling-grateful).

What to expect.

My first domain was bikecampfistetc.com which would have focused on the three outdoor recreational activities that I am currently most interested in – biking, camping, fishing.

I later changed it to what it is now, leisurescout.blog, because the site extends way further outside biking, camping and fishing.

How broad is broad? When you have 3 niches and still think it’s not broad enough. 😀

What’s the purpose.

This site is not without a purpose. The goal is to provide some useful information and insights from my firsthand experiences on the outdoors, family-friendly adventures, hobbies, DIYs and pretty much every cool thing that mere mortals like me would love to do.

I will also provide reviews on some of my gear, may it be some cool camping equipment or a vacuum cleaner, if I think it’s cool, you’ve got to see it. Matter of fact, I do have a vacuum cleaner review. 😀

Everything will be kept fun, simple and informative.


I do not see myself as an expert in any of the areas I will be covering. Rather, we, as a family, take these activities as a way to keep a balanced lifestyle. And besides, when it comes to travel, it’s the missus who usually calls the shots, I’m just the secretary. 😀

So what is a Leisure Scout?

Leisure Scout is a persona, an alter ego, in pursuit of life skills and lasting memories.

Is that deep enough? I really wanted it sound deep and Master Oogway-ish. I’m just not in the zone right now.

Anyway, that’s what it really is. Simply put – I read cool things on the internet, I do it (or the wife makes me do it), and I share the experience and insights through this blog.

Follow us into this journey! Please like and subscribe. 🙂

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