Just reading the title might have had you thinking, what does this have to do with biking, camping or fishing? Well, this is where the ‘etc’ part comes in. I’ve always known my topics would be broad and random, but I’ll keep it as relevant as possible. Proud jack of all trades here.

Anyway, let’s get down to business.

A Bit of Context

So my wife has this friend who’s into indoor plants way before it was cool. He had to move into a new home so my wife gladly adopted a… I’ll just say, a bit too much for my liking. I’ve always said the house is starting to look like a botanical garden (totally subjective). They’re everywhere — the living room, restrooms, just everywhere! To be fair, these little guys have grown on me somehow. I love it when one is like on its way to Valhalla, then I’d play god and breathe life into them.

Speaking of which, there’s this one plant that was in our daughter’s playroom and got completely forgotten. Neglected. Forsaken.

I mean, look at this thing.

On a Mission

Okay so first of all, I don’t even know what plant this is; hence, John Doe. I’m not sure if this is one of those deciduous plants and since it’s winter, then it would make sense. Also, I’m not sure if deciduous only applies to trees but that’s another story.

So my mission is to bring this back to life. I do have a couple of limes at the backyard and I also take good care of my turf, so I will apply what ever knowledge I have on this guy.

First step is to remove the dead leaves. I’ll water it regularly, make sure it has enough sunlight and see how it goes. Sounds like a plan.

For some reason this thing reminds me of the Tremors movie so I dub thee, Tremor (this could actually be my next dog’s name).

Don’t follow the light, Tremor. Don’t follow the light.

I am feeling positive that this guy will survive, but to be honest, we’ve had a couple of casualties before so who knows.

Just for fun, can anybody guess what plant this is? And feel free to give some care tips, I’d appreciate it.

Updates soon!