If you have read my other post about procrastination, then you are probably aware that I have been scouring the internet and literally rang all Giant suppliers in Melbourne. It was starting to get frustrating. The toilet paper and hand sanitiser frenzy did not bother me at all, but this one was driving me crazy. I needed to ride real soon. And it has to be a Giant ATX 3, Small/Medium!

Why Giant?

If you are new to bicycles like me, then getting detailed on specifications is not going to help much, it will probably be a little too overwhelming. My usual approach for getting into a new hobby is to look for reputable brands, then start with the cheapest ones they have. If I can afford anything higher than the base model then I would go for it. In this case though, I am looking for two bikes – one for me and another one for the missus.

The Giant ATX range has 3 models — ATX 1, ATX 2 and ATX 3, with ATX 3 being the cheapest at $499. As if finding one Giant ATX 3 wasn’t hard enough, two seemed impossible. Luckily, I stumbled upon Liv. By the looks of it, Liv is a subsidiary, or should we say, Giant’s sister company that specialises in bicycles for women. I showed photos to my wife and she just fell in love with it. Liv’s base models are the Bliss 1, Bliss 2 and Bliss 3 with similar pricing to the Giant ATX range.

Apart from the brand itself, one thing that separates Giant’s and Liv’s base models from other brands is the disc brake. I have looked at other options and I haven’t found other brands that have disc brakes at $500. Both Giant ATX 3 and Liv Bliss 3 are equipped with disc brakes and are priced at $499. I kept things very simple — popular brand, fits my budget, disc brakes, it’s a wrap!

Though I was after the ATX 3 and Bliss 3, I was willing to go with either the 1’s or the 2’s knowing how hard they were to come by. And besides, the price difference isn’t really that much, just within my stretch.

Here are the prices at the moment:


  • ATX 1 – $679
  • ATX 2 – $579
  • ATX 3 – $499

Please check Giant website for a more accurate and updated pricing.


  • Bliss 1 – $679
  • Bliss 2 – $579
  • Bliss 3 – $499

Please check Liv website for a more accurate and updated pricing.

Mission Accomplished?

So what did we end up with? We ended up with a Giant ATX 2 and Liv Bliss 2 because that is what’s left in stock from a number of dealers. It was a bit of an upgrade and we cannot be happier. For one, my wife loves the burgundy which only comes in Bliss 2. I think it suits her well, the bike does look like a lady’s bike but not too feminine. I honestly don’t mind taking it for a spin. As for the size, she’s 5-foot flat (maybe a little less, just a tiny bit, okay I’m dead), and the XS is just perfect!

Time to show off the Liv Bliss 2/XS:

So we got the Bliss 2 at Greensborough and I was so close to getting another brand for myself, just to get it over with. Trying on medium bikes hit me with a sad realisation – I’m a small, not a medium. I remembered a dealer in Cliffton Hill had ‘a few’ Small ATX’s in stock. Called him up and confirmed he has one red left, so we drove straight to Cliffton Hill. Given the chance, red would have been my last option but I have come to love it now. In fact, it is now my top pick if I had to do it again.

Anyway, here’s my new buddy, the Giant ATX 2/Small:

Final Thoughts

Choosing a bike that suits your lifestyle, your preference, and your budget needs a bit of research especially if you are new to this hobby. Plus, the current pandemic has caused a surge in demands whilst crippling supply chains at the same time. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of bikes in the market but if you are looking for mountain bikes within the $500-$700 range, then the Giant ATX and Liv Bliss bikes are tough to beat in my opinion.

There you go, time to get the tyres dirty!